Thursday, January 9, 2014

Time to admit what UFOs really are

From Keys to Virginia, Americans see odd lights in the sky


A resident of Ashburn, Va., points to the end of his street. A formation of lights hung low over the ground for more than a half hour before leaving in two groups. The event occurred in August 2012.
'Arc of light' videotaped over Ashburn, Virginia

Two weeks ago, they were back.

Human beings are at a loss when faced with gigantic truths. Take nuclear attack, for instance. Most futurists--historians, sociologists, scientists--say with certainty that the nightmare of nightmare events will occur in America at some point. Has to. The odds are too great and increase each year.
Yet how often do we, including our politicians, stop what we're doing for a couple of hours to consider what this means. How it will affect our lives, nation, world. Are you ready to become a refugee? To be part of a human herd of refugees living in tents spread across several square miles of open country? It's the nicest part of a nuclear event over a city. I believe if Americans took the time to examine what a nuclear explosion really means, they'd no longer feel like working, paying the bills, or in some cases, would stop following the rules. In short, if we understood that the nation's economy, any retirement we're saving for, and everything we embrace is doomed, we'll realize we're all wasting our time. To make life mean something, we take the nuclear war truth and we put nit up on a shelf and forget it. We think about the nightmare truth whenever North Korea launches a ballistic missile or India and Pakistani troops clash over Kashmir, but that's not very often or for very long.
The U.S. Government has directed us to prepare for such events; Congress has passed laws creating a legal framework for the role local, state and federal agencies will play in the eventuality of societal collapse. In other words, there are plans in place for when it happens.
Yet if you are like me, you haven't given the idea of societal collapse much thought. Well, I confess I do think about such things from time to time, but most sane people will shrug or avoid the idea and attend to more important endeavors such as work, picking up the kid from school, or taking a good nap.

What do UFO sightings mean?

In a lengthy discussion about UFOs with my sister a couple of weeks ago, it struck me that there's not much doubt left there, either. When I say UFOs, I don't mean aircraft that simply don't look right, or behave oddly. I mean solid objects entering the world's air space that are not engineered or operated by humans.
I know, that's quite a statement. If they are not from Earth, then what are they? Good thing I've got a crowd of people who agree with me--and if you can't call these people experts, there are no experts.
In the Keys, military personnel and pilots also have seen unexplainable craft in the sky:

What convinced me were the thousands of people of science and engineering--nuclear physicists, aeronautical engineers, national security officials, commercial and private pilots, air traffic controllers, radar operators, air force generals and personnel from the U.S. and other of the world's nations believe the same thing.
What really nails it for me are the astronauts who also are scientists. Not one, not five, but dozens of U.S. astronauts and flight specialists--rocket scientists--have stated, for the record, that extraterrestrial craft have followed or even approached them on missions to the moon and in low earth orbit. They had equipment to measure the size, mass, and speed of these objects. They recorded on film the impossible changes of direction the vehicles performed in view of their own space craft.
These craft have been demonstrating their maneuverability in broad daylight and at night since at least 1947, the Year of the Flying Saucer. That summer they suddenly were everywhere in the country, reports of sightings pouring into police departments, newspapers, and television stations in June, July, and in the midst of this saucer craze, one went down in Roswell. Forget the alien bodies being recovered and stored in some government vault. I'm talking about what can be proved by eyewitnesses, with scientific instruments, and still and video cameras. There are the radar images in air traffic control towers, military bases, and very credible eyewitnesses
When tens of thousands of people witness the same sighting, as in the case of the Phoenix lights and the several nights where thousands of people watched flying discs zip above the White House, the Mall, and down the Potomac River.

Mr. Saucer goes to Washington

In 1952, a formation of seven flying saucers flew up and down the East Coast over several nights in what seemed intentional showboating. President Harry Truman was aware of it and asked his military to keep him apprised. On a Saturday night, they showed up over Washington, D.C., picked up by Andrew's Air Force Base and National Airport towers. Military pilots scrambled after them in fighter jets. They surrounded one and flew off. The National Guard pilot went on record saying he was no longer a skeptic. The craft were extraterrestrial in origin, he told The Washington Post.

Now, in Ashburn on Jan. 3--just two weeks ago--a friend told me to watch WJLA Channel 7 news. I live near Ashburn, which is next to Dulles Airport, and I wasn't surprised when I saw the amateur video taken by an Ashburn resident. Whether these are extraterrestrial, I can't tell. But they sure like odd. Here's the link to the video that caught the latest Ashburn incident, and the latest that have occurred in places I've lived.

What then, does accepting that craft, not built by humans and most certainly not piloted by humans, have made themselves visible to so many human beings at once? Whatever beings are entering the world's airspace most certainly are more advanced, wouldn't you say? What is their intent? What are they saying with their in-your-face flying antics? What does it mean for us?
The most brazen activity occurs over military bases where nuclear weapons are deployed or stored. Are they putting their safety at risk (by coming so close to bases protected by fighter aircraft) because they're trying to figure out how to prevent humans from setting them off?

A former commander at Malstrom Air Force Base, a now-closed Minuteman missile complex in Montana (Think "The Day After") has been interviewed widely about what happened there. Robert Salas, deputy missile combat crew commander, was below ground in the complex when security guards on the surface called down to report orange flying discs hovering above the concrete lids that cover the missile silos.
Salas, who repeatedly has told his story publicly (and to superiors who investigated the incident) that the missiles, which are strung across the countryside for dozens of miles, went "offline" or became inoperable while the UFOs were overhead. This is a national security event of the highest order.  OK, incoming missiles would be worse.

Is there a message?

The silo guards--certainly not the kind of people who would make something up--honestly reported what they'd seen. These are people are vetted for security clearances that allow them near launch codes, firing pins, all the stuff of nightmares. In short, pretty reliable people.

Several of them reported seeing UFOs over the base.
Here's a document that shows the Air Force investigated the missile shutdowns and that UFOs were mentioned by these very serious people as one impossibility (by Air Force standards). The document indicates that Air Force investigators could find no radar image recordings or other electronic indication that something had been in the air over the base. That means they looked into the claims of topside security personnel.

Is this proof? Absolutely not. But what I can't shake is the number of highly responsible people who say these events occur.
The missile shutdown occurred in 1967. In the years since other base commanders have reported bizarre lights and strange solid objects over nuclear facilities around the United States and in England.
Salas said during an interview with the Discovery Channel that he believes his topside guards saw bizarre flying objects. He knows them, trained them, and as bizarre as it seems, he believes the craft were extraterrestrial in origin. He also believes whatever is showing up over military bases is trying tell us something.
What is that message?

"Get rid of your nukes," he said.
In the years since the Malstrom UFO incident, Salas went on to work for Martin-Marietta Aerospace, Rockwell International on Space Shuttle design proposals, and has held other top-security jobs.
I believe him.