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UFOs have overflown Keys for years

‘Six dim points of light in circular position'

By John L. Guerra

Traveling south from Key Largo, where North America runs out in a diminishing string, the night sky is vast and deep. From the dark pockets along U.S. 1 where there are no street lights or lighted homes and stores, one can look up and see stars dusting the sky. It is the kind of heavens stargazers hope for.
For decades, residents and visitors who drive down U.S. 1 or sail the Florida Straits to Key West have reported seeing unidentifiable lights and bizarre solid objects in flight. The following reports, taken from the National UFO Reporting Network, include sightings from some pretty reliable people.
If you have seen something unexplainable in the sky, please write your experience in the comments section at the end or email me at johnlguerra@gmail.com with your UFO experience.
I've included many Keys UFO accounts, some dating as far back as 1962.
I note when the UFO images here are connected to Keys sightings. I pulled other images from outside the Keys.

June 30, 1975:

“This happened sometime between 1971 and 1977 (I'm sorry that I can't be more specific, but we took so many trips to Florida back then and I didn't record the info); my then-husband and I were traveling south through the Florida Keys on U.S. 1.  We were about to exit one of the bridges onto a Key, going south, when on my right (the Gulf of Mexico side) I saw the bottom of a huge metallic ‘ship’ — that's the only way I can describe it, hovering near and just above a waterfront home rooftop, straddling the rooftop and the water. It just hung there, just at a little above rooftop level.
I could only see the bottom of it, as I remember the top of it was cloud-, or mist-covered (although it was sitting not far off the ground). There were lots of people already pulled over to the side of the road and out of their cars, gesturing and pointing towards it.
I absolutely begged my then-husband to please ‘Stop, stop!’ I wanted to look at it, but he wouldn't, he just kept looking straight ahead with the pedal to the metal. (I think he was scared to death). I craned my neck as we drove by to see as best I could, and then it suddenly vanished.
This happened so long ago, but I distinctly remember that whatever it was created absolutely no sound. As to its shape, it looked to me like the rear end of a dirigible, only standing straight up, vertically. Like the bottom of a missile. It was metallic gray.”

June 1, 1978:

“It was late one night when my mom, dad, childhood friend and I were making one of the hundreds of trips up the Florida Keys from Key West we took back in the late ‘70s. It was very, very dark, very little traffic.
The sky was clear with lots of stars. My friend and I decided out of boredom to watch the sky for shooting stars. We saw an occasional plane or airliner with their blinking lights traveling across the sky.
At one point I was watching one of these ‘planes’ (no blinking lights) when all of a sudden it took off like a shooting star, so that got my attention. But it never went out of sight. Instead it stopped ‘shooting’ and continued at a regular speed like a plane. At this point, I called everyone’s attention to it.
Then it shot across the sky again, then stopped, and did it again. It was moving in irregular patterns, one way then another. We were all just amazed and could not take our eyes off of it, just watching it zigzag around at different speeds. It seemed like it went on for such a long time.
My dad was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the road and on the object too, but he didn’t stop, he just slowed down. We were all trying to guess what the heck it could be, because we knew it was not a shooting star or a plane. We do have a lot of military bases down in the Keys, but I don’t even think the stealth bomber was in existence or even being tested at that time.
I don’t think there was any aircraft at that time that was capable of this kind of movement. We continued to watch it as its movements seemed to take up the whole sky, when suddenly it stopped and just slowly faded out. It looked as if it went straight out into space at a very, very high rate of speed until it was just gone from sight. We still talk about it to this day.”

Jan. 1, 1996, Key Largo:

“At in the morning, I was anchored in Tarpon Basin, which is just off the Howard Johnson’s Restaurant and adjacent to the tower, which placed the tower north by east of our boat. This was just prior to crossing to the Bahamas. I got up to check out the anchor and went on deck as it was a clear, warm night, and looking up I noticed a line of white being reflected in a diagonal formation to its line of travel. It looked and traveled somewhat like a flight of birds.
I observed a black triangular-shaped craft fly directly over Key Largo, Fla., approximately 1,000 feet up and 2,000 feet north of the bell tower at the Howard Johnson. Size would be about 100 feet, plus or minus a small amount. It was completely blackened and traveling at about 35 mph, I saw no lights and no reflection other than off the upper edge of the fuselage.
A split second later, I realized that it was a hard-edge, reflecting light back towards me, but not downward. We sailors always have binoculars available, so I was able to get a better view immediately. I was able to see the bottom somewhat; it appeared featureless. At this point time it was impossible to see with the naked eye. I again watched it go slowly to the northwest until it completely blended into the night sky. I called Connie on deck and gave her the binoculars and she was able to see it also. My background as a private pilot and having built and flown my own planes and ultra-light (aircraft) allowed me to judge the speed. As low as it was we both were able to trade off the glasses and observe the progress. I am a retired teacher and have been for 22 years, most of which I have been captain and used to reporting factual reports.”

This photo was taken off  U.S. 1 by an unidentified car passenger, according to the photographer''s notes on the image. The image can be found on Yahoo image search under "UFOs in the Keys." Could it be a Chinook helicopter transporting military personnel?

Jan. 4, 2004, Marathon:

“We were driving toward Key West from Miami on U.S. 1 at about last night (Saturday night). I was driving over a bridge and in the distance I saw something with a green and red light. I noticed it and told my friend I thought it was the balloon that transmits Radio Marti to Cuba on Cudjoe Key. I have seen the balloon in the daytime and assumed that's what I was seeing last night.
Right away, I noticed we were still far away from Cudjoe Key. Anyway, as we got closer to whatever it was, I noticed the lights were very noticeable. I was concentrating on seeing if it was a balloon, so I was looking mostly below the lights. I noticed it was not attached to anything and there was no tower below the lights. It was also too low to be a plane. My friend was looking out the passenger window and said he saw a white light and a red light. He did not see the green light that I originally saw.
When we got closer to the lights, they moved from my side of the truck because the road hadn't curved, but I couldn't see them anymore. My friend said whatever it was moved, and he saw it more over the road. He saw a red and white light 100 to 250 feet away, hovering directly over the highway. He also saw a black mass between the lights in what looked like a triangle, but didn't totally point at the top. From his account the white light was on the top and he saw a red light on the corner of one of the bottom of the points. There was never any sound it made. We opened the windows of the truck when we were close to it, and it was just quiet.
I kept looking for a place to turn around because there was a car right behind me. I had to go about 1,000 feet before I saw a driveway and turned around. When we went back, there was nothing there. No lights. We looked to see if there was anything in the air that it could have been, and again nothing. It was as if it just disappeared.”

Aug. 30, 1989, Key West:

“At the time of the sighting, I was assigned to the U.S. Navy hydrofoil, the USS Pegasus, stationed in Key West Harbor. As an operating specialist and radar operator, I was trained by the Navy in lookout and reporting procedures with emphasis on attention to detail.
On or about the date above, I, along with my family, was driving home from the beach when my wife, who was looking out the window, asked me, ‘What kind of aircraft is that?’ I turned to look and at about 100 yards offshore, coming slowly from the east toward U.S. 1, I saw what appeared to be two bright lights (brighter than an arc welder’s torch). I pulled over, aiming the front of the car directly toward the inbound object, thus giving us a much better view.
The object continued flying toward us and stopped about 15 feet directly in front of us, hovering over the water at an altitude of about 10 feet. I could now see it much clearer. The object was in the shape of a teardrop, slightly flattened. It was silver in color with no identifiable markings. It measured approximately 7 feet long, 18 inches tall and about 3 feet wide, all measurements coming to a tapered tip, which I believed to be the tail of this craft. It hovered for a few seconds, then it, quite effortlessly, while remaining in its present position, it turned right, facing north, then turned left, facing south. A few more seconds it lowered itself to about 6 to 12 inches over the water and remained there for several minutes. I find it quite interesting that while it hovered and executed these few maneuvers, I couldn’t help but notice that it had no pitch and yaw, had no visible heat signature, had no rivets or weld seams to show how it had been put together and there was no dispersal of the water as this craft hovered directly over it.
The two bright lights that I saw I believed them to be its propulsion system but instead of pushing the craft, it appeared to be pulling the craft. The craft raised itself about 3 feet above the water and preceded south, out to sea. As it was outbound, it stopped and slowly started to rise. At this point I noticed the sunset cruise boat was outbound in the channel. It was as if this object knew that to continue on its present course that it would have been struck by the ship. 
The ship passed underneath the object, which was now at an altitude of about 200 feet and continued outbound until I lost it in the distance. 

Nov. 1, 1962, Key West:

“In the very early morning hours of 1962—I don't recall the date or month, at the time I was only 10 years of age—a very loud whistling sound woke me.
As I woke up, I noticed a bright light coming in my bedroom window. When I pulled back the curtain, I saw a very, very large glowing ball coming slowly over the top of my house. It was flying very low, but the only sound I heard was the whistling sound I told you about earlier. I was very scared and covered my head with the covers until it was gone.
I am not saying this was a UFO; I am only saying that it was something very unexplainable and it has stayed with me all these years, since Key West has a military base, I often wondered if maybe it wasn't something the military was testing.
But if so, I never saw anything like it again. If it had not been for the whistling noise, I may have even thought it was ball lightning or something like that, but the eerie sound makes me wonder.
The shape was completely round, very, very large, slow moving and had a constant whistle. There was only one object. Color was a very bight yellow-orange, not unlike the sun. I myself was only 10 at the time; I am now a housewife in South Carolina.”

Feb. 18, 2008, Key West

While observing the overflight of the Space Shuttle and International Space Station from Key West, I observed a third object. The shuttle and the ISS, moving together in orbit, were about 4 to 5 seconds apart, traveling from the northwest sky in a southerly direction.
I then saw a third object moving from south of the space shuttle and the ISS in a northerly direction; it crossed paths very close to the space shuttle and ISS. After passing the space shuttle and ISS, it made a very large, arcing turn to an east heading.
This object was not as bright as the space shuttle and the ISS and looked very much like any other man-made satellite, except that it changed directions; basically it moved from a north heading and changed directions to an east heading after passing the space shuttle and the ISS. This was also witnessed by a friend, five miles away.

June 6, 2006, Key Largo:

“We saw six dim points of light in circular position out in space!
It was around I took my dog for a late walk at a marina in Key Largo
. The clouds had moved from my vantage point and I could see stars. At that moment, with the naked eye, out in space, I noticed six points of light in a circular position. I know the objects were in space because it was almost as if they were amongst the stars. They were not as bright as the stars; the stars were dim (glowing). The perfect position amazed me! They seemed to be slowly floating to the northeast.
They also seemed to stop for a period of time and then continue. They never twinkled or changed color. After a while I went inside to call a friend who was also in Key Largo, but he was asleep. I looked out my window and I was shocked to still see them! Eventually the cloud coverage came back and I could no longer see them! Did anyone else see this? Very weird!”

Sept. 3, 2000, Long Key

At about , my wife and I were sitting at the edge of the water at the KOA campground looking at the stars and water. There were no streetlights, just darkness, except for the stars above and the headlights of traffic coming over the bridge from Islamorada.
We saw what looked like car headlights start coming from the horizon in the east, but as it got past the trees, we saw it was more like 14 lights lined up in a row! My wife asked, ‘What in the world is that?’ and I replied I wasn't sure. We sat and watched this thing slowly approach, and realized it was the largest aircraft we'd ever seen, approximately the length of two commercial planes lined up nose to tail.
As it got closer, we were almost blinded by the lights, as it was flying at a fairly low altitude. I remarked to my wife that I couldn't hear any engines and that's when we started getting scared. Surely an aircraft flying that low would have engines we could easily hear! She ran into the motor home to get another couple we were staying with, but by the time they got outside, it had passed over and was gone. I never believed in UFOs before this, but this shook me to the core, as well as it did my wife.
I know there is a naval air station near Key West, so we thought maybe it was some sort of stealth military plane, but it was so large we don't know how they would hide something that big.
It was black, or it was just too dark outside to see a color or shape. Approximately 14 "headlights" spaced evenly apart. It had about the speed of an airplane preparing for landing, and about as low as one approaching a runway. It was flying parallel to the earth at a steady speed..”

Nov.  11, 2004, Key West:

I saw an orange object over Key West, Fla.
High altitude, orange object observed nearly straight up from viewer and slightly east, first thought to be a satellite moving from south to north, but object slowed, stopped and then made slow, steady movements east, then south, then north, and repeated the motion with some variations.
Visible stars (that didn't move) confirmed the motion and actions of the light. Could have been a very high altitude Drug Enforcement Agency or U.S. Customs craft, but there was no sound. Sighting occurred one hour before sunrise in totally clear skies, three hours after a thunderstorm.
Object faded away after five minutes of the movement. Location was above Key West Naval Air Station, but was very high. No pulsating light, solid. Photo taken, not yet developed. Not expecting much by way of photo due to light levels and high altitude, even with lens extension.”

June 1, 2000, Key West:

My wife and I observed strange light formations in the sky over Key West and the Straits of Florida, in the early summer of 2000.
We were 20 feet above the beach. We were facing, due south. The sun was below the horizon, at our right and rear.
The entire sky, from east to west, was lit up by the red wave-length light, bending through the atmosphere and coloring the humid air mass. Scientists call it "after-glow.”
The sky was pink, except for the shadows cast by the horizon and dirty atmosphere, rising up from the east and south. Night was coming and the shroud of evening was creeping above the horizon. If you paid close attention, you could see the cross-section of the atmosphere, as the red light from the setting sun passed through the various atmospheric densities—dirt and dark on the bottom and thin and clear at the top. You could see the shape of the top layer of clouds as the light of the world outlined their billowing shapes, across the sky.
Suddenly a huge V-shaped formation filled the sky. We saw two, maybe three, huge inverted V shapes blotting out the afterglow. They were due south, over the Straits of Florida
. They extended from the southern horizon to a point somewhere overhead and behind us.
Just as suddenly, we were in eclipse-like, lighting conditions. The pink, except, for some wedge-shape light still reflecting off the clouds in the southern sky, was gone.
Things that should have been reflecting the afterglow were suddenly, dark. The sea stopped reflecting the pink sky, that seconds, ago, played off the mirror-like ocean that characterizes the shallow waters found atop seven miles of reef. The white stones that made up the jetty were in shadow. It was pretty darn sudden. We never saw anything remotely like it before, except in pictures of a developing eclipse.
Then, we noticed evidence of a fourth object, overhead and stretching due east.
My wife grabbed her 35mm camera and started shooting. The images that she captured are unexplainable. The pictures show what appear to be the images of two, maybe four, arrowhead shaped objects casting shadows against the southern sky and directly overhead.
For two years, the photos were in a drawer—they were of odd light formations, but there are a million of them, everyday. Then I happened to show one of them to a man who makes his livelihood measuring things and recording things accurately. He is a professional “expert” witness, and architectural details and pinpoint accuracy, are his bread and butter. When we casually showed him one of the photos, he physically flinched and sat straight up. It certainly got his attention.
That is when I started to examine just what it was that was making the images.
After much thought, I realized that in the case of the most well-defined image of an inverted arrowhead, I was looking at a shadow being cast by a V-shaped object, suspended point-side down, flat side facing the sun. The object appeared to be hovering in a fixed position, at a point that would place it between the sun that had set -the light source—and the pink sky and dark-shadowed atmosphere in the southern skies, in effect, the movie screen.
The image in the sky was an artifact of the atmosphere, as it bent the light and focused the dark image of the V-shaped object onto the movie-screen like background.
We snapped 10 pictures that day and they showed that the above-mentioned V shaped object had changed its alignment to the sun. The pictures contain a wealth of scientific information and raise a whole lot of questions.

Jan.  9, 1979, Key West:

“This is about a small, unexplainable hovering object I spotted as a child of 10 while walking home from school one day in the ‘70s.
I was walking home from school down
Flagler Avenue one day in about the fourth or fifth grade. This was around 1978 or 1979. I had walked home every day since the second grade.
It was between and I was walking on the sidewalk against the traffic. It was a four-lane with a median. I was one block from my home when I looked across the street ahead of me and saw a strange, small object hovering above the sidewalk about 15-20 feet up.
From that point on, I did not take my eyes off of it, but I did try to see if there was a string on it or if it was being controlled from someone on the ground. This was a residential neighborhood and there was little to no traffic at this time. Or if there was, I do not remember, I was so fixated by this object.
I continued to watch it, walking slowly as it just hovered there. Suddenly it seemed to "’notice’ me and it made a direct bee-line across the street toward me. As I write this, I am getting chills upon chills just recalling this. It didn’t move fast nor slow but just steadily in a very straight line at the same altitude.
Soon it was right over my head, maybe 10 feet above me, and following me exactly as a continued to walk. I was not afraid but extremely intrigued. I couldn’t imagine what it was! It was a small very colorful disk. It was slightly tilted, with a small cylindrical ‘handle’ going through the center. If I can remember, I believe the handle was red. It looked kind of like a toy but it baffled me because it was spinning and it was silent and there was nothing attached to it.
I couldn’t understand how it could be suspended up there, and at that time, I was not aware of any remote controls like this. It hovered over me, spinning quietly until I reached the end of the block and stepped off into the street, then it immediately went back across the street. I still continued to watch it, looking back at it until I got to my house.
At that point, I felt afraid and went into the house, locked the doors and called my mom at work as I watched out the kitchen window trying to spot it. I didn’t have a good view. I never saw it again.
I was not particularly aware of UFOs. Our family was not into that. So it didn’t occur to me that this could be a UFO. I drew a picture of it for my mom and dad and my mom wrote down what I said and we kept that. But I have never forgotten anyway.
From that day on, I always tried to find an explanation for such an object. I looked at kites and remote controls or whatever I could find to explain it. I never could. Then when I saw a toy or colorful kite that reminded me of it, I would feel a sense of panic.
To this day I still have not found a plausible explanation for it.
There were no other witnesses.
This is the first time I have reported it. I am 40 years old.
Watching a UFO special on the Discovery Channel this afternoon prompted me to report this, finally!
Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

Nov. 15, 1973, Key West:

“I saw a saucer craft with red/green alternating lights on its midsection; seen within 500 yards traveling slowly at first then vanished.
While walking out of the now-defunct naval base in Key West, my friends and I saw a large, saucer-shaped craft hovering over a line of trees, no more than a 1/4 mile from us. The craft had a bank of alternating green and red lights that rotated around it as it moved slowly from our right to our left.
It traveled directly across our line of sight, slowly at first. The rotating lights seemed to correspond with the speed of the craft as did a low-pitched, deep whirring sound. As the craft sped up, the lights and the frequency of the sound increased accordingly. We watched it for about 10-15 seconds, when all of a sudden, it streaked up into the sky at an incredible rate of speed.
We watched it until it virtually vanished high in the sky. It was reported to have also landed inside the navy base, as several other sailors indicated in their report to the commanding officer of the base. The base was unexpectedly closed three to four weeks later.
I witnessed the same craft less than 10 days later at another location in Key West.”

July 3, 2000, somewhere in the Keys:

“I saw a chrome ball that was the size and shape of a basketball flying in the Florida Keys, making a variety of 90-degree turns. I was on vacation in the Florida Keys. It was the night before the Fourth of July. I was laying in a beach chair on a small part of the beach looking at the sky.
I noticed something moving; it was in the shape and size of a basketball and looked as if it were chrome-plated or some sort of silver color. The way it was moving, there was no way it was any sort of plane, balloon, helicopter, etc. The object would move forward, then move 5-15 feet to either side (not a zigzag pattern) but more like it was making a variety of L-shaped turns at 90-degrees and kept going until I couldn’t see it any longer. It was traveling in a west-northwest direction at about 10 mph. I wish I would have chased it.”

July 1, 2001, Key West:

“I saw a sphere formation over Key West.”
I wanted to report a sighting which has me puzzled. About two weeks ago, I was in Key West and staying at a hotel.
I was in the pool, which is obviously outside; the time was approximately As I was relaxing (I had not been drinking!) and staring into the night sky, I suddenly noticed a "V" formation of orange spheres. They were moving fairly slowly from my point of view, but I realized that at the altitude that they were traveling, their speed must have been much greater.
The odd thing about this: One ball was zigzagging in and out of formation. As much as I am interested in UFOs, I am a logical person and do not jump to conclusions. But I have no explanation for what I saw!”

Feb.  24, 2008, Key West:

“I was sitting on a starboard deck of a cruise ship that was traveling in open sea westward, positioned south-southwest of Key West, Fla. I was observing the stars in the northern skies, which were mainly clear with a few scattered clouds on the horizon.
I became intrigued with one particular object as it was definitely spherical, and appeared to be situated between the scattered cloud cover and my line of sight. Its size was consistent with that of the stars, or perhaps a bit larger.
The object then began to spin in a pinwheel fashion for about 8-10 revolutions and then sped off at tremendous speed toward the northwest. It spun very rapidly and with each revolution, its area of circumference became larger. It was akin to watching water drain down a sink but only in reverse.
I was able to observe the object as it sped off for only 1-2 seconds, due to the rate of speed. There were no sounds or any other anomalies associated with it. I found the experience to be rather eerie, but for some reason I felt comfortable with it, almost to the point of satisfaction. I am an agnostic when it comes to aerial phenomena. However, this sighting was definitely a mind stimulating experience.”

Dec.  19, 2002, Key West:

“I never reported this to anyone officially. I have discussed and shown the object I accidentally captured in a photo December a year ago with family members and some co-workers. Some were intrigued, some very skeptical. In my mind, it's a UFO, no doubt about it.
My husband, my sister-in-law, and myself were on a four-day cruise in the Caribbean. On the evening of Thursday, Dec. 19, 2002, we were getting ready to depart Key West. We were on the uppermost deck of the ship watching the sunset to our west. The time was between and
The sun sets very quickly this far south, so I was intently watching the sun go down through the view finder of a simple Kodak 35mm disposable camera. Music was playing but not loudly. There was no noise coming from overhead and no motion to take our attention away from getting the sunset on film. There were lots of people on the starboard side of the ship doing the same thing. I took only two shots, just a few seconds apart.
I had the film developed at a local camera shop. I looked at the photos before I left and when I saw the object in the sunset photo, I asked their rep if there was a scratch on the negative or any trash on it.
He looked at the negative closely with a magnifying eye piece and said no there wasn't. He thought, like I did, it was a very curious photo and even jokingly said that ‘You may have captured a UFO without even knowing it.’ The object is gone in the photo taken almost immediately after the first one.”

Oct. 5, 2001, Key West:

UFO hovers over cruise ship in Key West

We were on a cruise ship out in the Key West area. Suddenly, I saw this strange craft, with a rectangular shape with lights on top all around, and lights on the bottom all around.
It seemed to hover over the cruise ship, as if it were watching us.
First, it would jet to the right and [make] quick movements to the left. It was faster than any man-made object that we know of today. Then it would fly back toward the ship.
Of course, I decided, ‘Let’s see if it hears me.’ So I yelled out ‘if you are a UFO, I dare you to come closer.’
My god, my god, it did, as if it heard me. Several hundred people were on deck at the time, all staring at this craft.
I asked one of the stewards/crew members: “Don’t you think we should report this? Their reply was ‘Awwww … we see this all the time. As long as they don’t hurt us, we don’t want to alarm the passengers, who didn’t see this or cause panic.’
I had always somewhat believed in UFOs, but this was the first time, and now I am a believer — that someone out there is watching us and observing us. The ship continued to flash back and forth up and down sideways and then just float in one spot like it was hovering!
Again, the object was rectangular and somewhat also of a sphere shape, with lights all around it, with different-colored lights. And to me, it seemed like it was monitoring the ship’s activities and watching the people, including me, on the ship.

I wish I knew about this site sooner and hope this helps. But now at least it’s on record to help prove, that Yes, we are being watched and observed, from where only God knows!
P.S.: We were on the ship, Majesty of the Seas Royal Caribbean.

Jan. 19, 2002, Key Largo:

On vacation in Key Largo, I was standing on the terrace watching the stars on a clear, dark night, with no moon visible. Earlier, there had been a rather nasty traffic accident not far from where I was staying and the Medevac helicopters had been in the vicinity.
Also, there were several police helicopters that seemed to be searching the area for several minutes. Unfortunately, this area of the United States is known for illegal 'drug running' due to its remoteness and closeness to many islands in the Caribbean.
During this 'busy' period in the sky, I noticed a slow-moving object, very high up in the night sky. Its location was so high I couldn't comprehend it being part of any potential scouting trip. Using a pair of binoculars, my friend and I noticed that this object had lights flashing red and green, similar to that of an aircraft.
We continued to watch and as we did, the object began to change from a hovering position to one of movement. It would “zigzag” to the right and left, up and down very quickly and then seemed to return to its original 'hover' position. We watched for more than an hour. By that time, the other aircraft had long disappeared.
In all honesty, its appearance resembled a star, twinkling red and green and at an extremely high altitude. What seemed so unusual to me was the length of time this object hovered. No other aircraft came near it whether it was hovering or moving place to place. After approximately an hour and a half of observing it, the object simply disappeared.
These and other UFO accounts can be found at http://www.nuforc.org/

Many Keys residents and visitors will remember this image, which was taken on New Year's Eve three years ago. The dramatic arc of the aircraft and the phenomenon of the fiery horizon puzzled many witnesses. Some believed it was a Navy missile test, while others thought it was otherworldly in origin. Alas, it was just a commercial airliner taking a little-used flight path to avoid heavy air traffic around airports in the South.
Or so the authorities said.

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